The Club operates a varied and full programme of competitions incorporating all formats of play in all the sections.
The annual Club Presentation Night for all sections trophies takes place in February. The new Club Captain takes over his position that same night

Mens Section

Monthly medals are stroke play in Three divisions of up to 15 handicap, 16 to 25 and 26 to 54. These competitions are normally arranged on the first weekend of each month.

Entrants can choose to play on either, or both, the Saturday or Sunday of the weekend and can choose a time zone for their tee time. Playing partners are then drawn at random from the entrants who have chosen that time zone. Prizes are awarded for both days.This system enables members to meet other, potentially new, members of the club and promotes a friendly social atmosphere.

Stableford competitions are held on the same basis but only once every three months.

During the season, from April to October, there is normally another competition every month, sometimes two, ranging from pairs to four player team events. These competitions will incorporate stroke play, stableford and scramble formats and are held on either a Saturday or Sunday in order to give all members an opportunity to enter. Many of these competitions are ‘all section’ allowing the Senior, Veteran and Lady members to enter.

The Club Championship is held in June each year over 36 holes on two days, with there being both a gross and net scores competition.

There are also knockout match play competitions, singles and pairs, held in the summer and winter.

The Section has two representative teams that play in the Whitbread and Penfold Leagues.

Veterans Section

This section meets on a Tuesday and organises competitions for the male golfer aged 60 . All male members over 60 are eligible to play, there is no seperate joining of the section.

All formats of golf competitions are played along the same lines as the Mens Section with monthly medals, stableford competitions and team events.

The section has a team in the Veterans Invicta League, and also compete in a local Super 70's league

Ladies Section

In common with the other sections the ladies operate a full schedule of competitions of all formats. Competitions are played on either a Sunday or a Tuesday to try and make them available for all section members, the results being aggregated to give an overall winner.

Orders of Merit

From the weekend competitions the club runs two orders of merit (OOM) competitions.

 Firstly, based on the weekend men’s’ medal competition, is the Club Order of Merit. The results per division from each month’s medal competitions are aggregated to produce an overall result for the two competitions. Points are then awarded from 1st to 15th place.

Secondly, the Club Grand Slam, which is run on the same lines. It uses the results from six individual competitions played during the year with points being allocated in exactly the same way to the top ten places in each competition. The competitions are the Five Club Cup, Captains Drive In, Anniversary Trophy, John Mears Memorial, Jason Cliff Memorial and First Call Windscreens Bowl.

The Veterans Section runs an OOM competition based on the monthly medal results in the same way as the weekend medals are used.

The Ladies Section aggregates the results from their two days of medal competition each month to produce a result for one division. They allocate points for the top five places as follows 6,4,3,2,1

 Eclectic Competitions

From the weekend competitions the club runs two eclectic competitions, gross and nett scores. The best individual hole scores from the medal competitions played from April to September are collated to produce an 18 hole score. The winners are the players with the lowest gross and nett scores.

The Veterans and Ladies Sections have identical competitions to those described above.

Updates to all competitions are published on the noticeboards and club website.

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